DBS checks

DBS checks

There are three types of Disclosure: - Basic, Standard, Enhanced (either with or without the Barred Child and Adult lists) – eligibility for the correct level of Disclosure must be met in line with current Government legislation as not all employers or organisations can access the Enhanced Level. 
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Benefits of using DBS Disclosures

  • No DBS registration fee to pay
  • No increase or re-allocation of staff
  • No staff training required
  • No need to increase computers or computer networks
  • No need to design, build and test new computer program systems
  • Secure handling and storage of all disclosure certificates
  • Same day turn around for received DBS applications
  • Result of checks will only be disclosed on a one to one basis with nominated persons
  • Recruitment advice will be given regarding the content of the disclosure
  • Our service represents excellent value for money
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BASIC Disclosure Check 

A basic Disclosure shows current convictions only (“Unspent”) and is accessible to any individual/employee for any purpose throughout the United Kingdom. For example working on premises unsupervised i.e. Aviation Security, Alcohol/Personal Licence and any individual who would like access to their records.
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STANDARD Disclosure Check 

A Standard DBS goes into a little more in-depth as this is primarily industry specific positions in-line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. This level of Disclosure shows all reprimands, cautions, warning and convictions that are both spent and unspent. Individuals are unable to apply for this level as it has to be accessed through their employer. There is one certificate issued which will be sent direct to the applicants home address. Sectors which can access this level include Accountants, Solicitors, and Financial Services Sector. 
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ENHANCED Disclosure Check 

The Enhanced Disclosure is the highest level of Disclosure check available and will check the same information as the Standard Level in additional to information held by the Police - this is also sometimes called “soft intelligence”. This is where the Police can place information that they feel is relevant to the applicant applying to the position. In addition the Enhanced Level can be checked against the Child Barred List and/or Adults Barred List depending upon the position that the individual will be employed as. Sectors which can access this level can include Teachers, Carers, as well as Health Care Professions 
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DBS Checks and Levels

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